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Patch MS06-005 acquired through RPM

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Patch MS06-005 acquired through RPM

Hi Guys:

Need to check with you all, do you all faced the following funny problem when acquired this patches using RPM:

As this patch is for Windows Media Player v10. So when I do an acquired, when checking the selection, the checkbox for "Windows Media Player version 10" is not shown. Thus, I can acquired MS06-005 through RPM and deploy to the customer. I can only manually download it from MS sites, package it and deploy as normal software deployment method.

But when I go to another site, its shown. And I am able to acquired it through RPM and deploy it easily.

* Both of the sites, all the Radia module verison is all upgraded to the latest version. All the .tkd or other system file version is all the same.

So do you guys face this funny symptom when acquired MS06-005 patches using the RPM?

Thanks in advcance.

Best Regards.
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Re: Patch MS06-005 acquired through RPM

IIf I understand the situation you have two RPM Servers. One acquires the patch correctly while the other does not.
If that is the case you should compare your setup and acquire files.
I suspect that they are different.
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Re: Patch MS06-005 acquired through RPM

Hi Roy:

I had checked, the setup files and sequence of installation is the same between both sites. Maybe I attach the screenshot for you, its will be more clearer.

One sites it have the "Windows media player 10" checkbox while the other did not have. Funny symptom, now scratching my head...:)

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.
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Re: Patch MS06-005 acquired through RPM

I think the screen shot you provided is of the Exclushion list and this one says that you get it.
So make the one that don't get it look like the one that does.
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Re: Patch MS06-005 acquired through RPM


Please take a look at patch RADALERT_00016.
HP provided 3 bulitins with some metadata changes (MS06-005, 009 & 010)

Hope it helps,

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event