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Patch aquisition problem

Patch aquisition problem

Hi all,

I'm using CAS 7.5 and I'm trying to manage patches through patch manager.
The problem is when I make patch aquisition, some of patches couldn't be downloaded and gave the following error for example:

HTTP error :timeout while downloading
20091109 22:54:26 Error: Network error for attempt 1 limit 2
20091109 22:55:49 Error: Network error for attempt 2 limit 2

My environment uses proxy server and I correctly defined all it parameters in COnfiguration->Infrastructure Management->Proxy settings.

The strange thing is that when I copy and paste the url mentioned above in my browser, the file is downloaded successfully.

Does anyone has suggestions?

Re: Patch aquisition problem

I found it. The problem is solved by increasing the timeout in the pm.cfg file.

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