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Hi everyone,

I want to ask about downloaded patches from the Internet. Suppose I download all the patches to one RCS. Now, I want to distribute them to another RCS (in a different location). I can do synchronization to do that. Am I right?

My problem is I faced a limited WAN bandwidth. I do not want to use RCS synchronization to distribute the patch (If it can be done). Can I just copy the resource and PATCHMGR domain and distribute it via CD or another media type? Or synchronization is the only way to distribute the patches?

Thanks before hand.
Regular Advisor

Re: Patches

Hi Tan Tjin Wan.

You need export PATCHMGR domain on RCS-1 and then import it on RCS-2.

I use raddbutil tool for export/import operations (lookup this tool on Radia CD).

This tool must be located into .../ConfigurationServer/bin.

raddbutil export -output PATCHMGR -walk 1 -data 1 PRIMARY.PATCHMGR.*.*

As a result you derive: PATCHMGR.xpc,PATCHMGR.xpi,PATCHMGR.xpr

Next, move this files to RCS-2

raddbutil import -input PATCHMGR -ignore U+D -commit yes

For more information about raddbutil tool see Radia Database Utility Guide.

Best regards.
Honored Contributor

Re: Patches

Hi Tan,

The RADDBUTIL can be used for domain export & Import as Mikhail described..

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event