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Reporting Server Performance Problem

Reporting Server Performance Problem


Does anyone have an idea on why the reports I'm trying to get out of reporting server with only Patch information is so very slow?

The "Compliance Summary" under "Reporting Views","Patch Manager Reports" "Executive summaries", a request for the patch information summary on approx. 5500 systems does never complete. For smaller subsets it looks like I'm getting the info.

The latest patches for patchmanager and reporting server are applied.
I'm using a Oracle Database (9i on 32 bit Solaris).

Please help.


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Re: Reporting Server Performance Problem


From a recent patch user group meeting.... (and my memory)

SQL users report that the queries work great, but data gets backed up.

Oracle users report that the queries never work, but data is not getting backedup.

Product management indicated they are working on the SQL issue and should see some relief in the next version.

Re: Reporting Server Performance Problem

For ours to complete i had to change the GUI timeout to 20mins (iis). By default it was only a couple of minutes and pages taking a long time to load (like compliance reports) weren't completing in time.

Information on this can be found in the Reporting Server doco
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Re: Reporting Server Performance Problem

Dear Bram,
my last into about this is:
reporting server was always slow. it depends how the data is pull form the db.

as an example oracle always compile the request new because with tcl hp will everytime sent a select statement which can't be indicated from oracle as an statement done before and so the sga could not be used efficently.

using cache on the reporting server don't helps.

a solution will be to use oracle native communication, but this is not supported.


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Re: Reporting Server Performance Problem

Maybe the following technote will be of some help...


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Re: Reporting Server Performance Problem

I have worked with RRS since it was created, and the patch reports have always been a problem once the number of users reached a few thousand in the DB. It doesn't matter if the DB is SQL, or Oracle because it is not a DB issue, but rather the way the patch reports (syntax) are written. I have proved this to be true by creating custom reports in both RRS, and SITE reports that return in about a minute. HP has finally accepted the fact that the patch reports simply don't work once the number of machines reach a few thousand, and are finally taking action to correct the problem. HP is providing scripts that create new tables with less data for the Patch reports that increase the performance of the reports.
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Re: Reporting Server Performance Problem

Does anyone know how to acquire the revised scripts to which Jim Longo refers?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event