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Router configuration for WOL

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Router configuration for WOL

I would like to use CCM to remotely startup and shutdown my workstations that are on different subnets then my CCM server. At the moment this doesn't work because the router possible blocks the necessary ports (clients in the same subnet as the ccm server have no problems).
Can anyone help me out here.

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Re: Router configuration for WOL

You must have your network administrators allow UDP traffic.
It is not configuable within CCM.
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Re: Router configuration for WOL

Just allow all UDP traffic? Isn't it possible to narrow it down to a few ports?
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Re: Router configuration for WOL

Don't think so. It's not TCP/IP traffic.
It's sort of like a broadcast.
Take a look at this. Perhaps it will help.

Re: Router configuration for WOL

Hi AvanHoboken

I can't remember exactly the firewall rules needed however you should be able to lock it down to a port or at least a couple of ports. Usually they are port 0, 7, 9 or 30000

The remote router needs to support the directed broadcast of the WoL "Magic Packet".

for cisco routers you can use the
ip directed-broadcast command


ip directed-broadcast 90

access-list 90 permit
access-list 90 deny any

unfortunatly ip directed-broadcast command will only accept a standard access-list.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event