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SETUP.CFG -Agent Linux


SETUP.CFG -Agent Linux

someone can explain and give me an example of a setup.cfg with the following parameters:
and tell me their functionality ??

Also on setup.cfg How can set ZUSERID to have hostname as a parameter e not DEFAULT ????

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Re: SETUP.CFG -Agent Linux


POSTPROC is the name of the script or exe that will run post installation.

POSTPARM is any specific parameter required by the post installation method specified in the POSTPROC.

For example if you would like a script to be called after the installation of the client to configure some settings on the client machine that will be set in the POSTPROC and methods required for that will be supplied in the POSTPARM.

To have the hostname of the machine in the ZUSERID field you should specify it as $MACHINE sothat the machine hostname will be taken up

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event