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Service Packs


Service Packs

I can start aquisition and many bulletins have been downloaded from Microsoft ( about 3000 ...) but no service Packs downloaded. Why ???
Occasional Advisor

Re: Service Packs

Service Pack Bulletin names are different to patch. If you're using a bulletin name mask when defining acquisition settings (something like MS05-) you must be careful, because service pack bulletin names are as follows:

for example: MSSP-WINXP_1

Try using something like MSSP-WIN in bulletin name acquisition settings.


Re: Service Packs

I try using command " nvdkit ./modules/patch.tkd acquire -rcs_url radia://localhost:3464 -bulletins MSSP* " then " nvdkit ./modules/patch.tkd acquire -rcs_url radia://localhost:3464 -bulletins MSSP_WINXP_1 " , " nvdkit ./modules/patch.tkd acquire -rcs_url radia://localhost:3464 -bulletins MSSP_WINXP* " but no Service Pacs downloaded. Any help ????

Re: Service Packs

Hi PProcopi,

Did you manage to retify your problem? Also hit with the same problem whereby unable to download service packs using "MSSP*" bulletin option.

Have tried using the following version of Patch Mgr but still failed to achieve the desired result.
- version 2.0 Build 262
- version 2.0 Build 268 &
- version 2.0.1 Build 329

Any pointers to share?

sze hui

Re: Service Packs

I used this yesterday with no problems.

nvdkit .\modules\patch.tkd acquire -force y -replace y -bulletins MSSP-WIN2K_4 -http_timeout 120000
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event