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Software Deployment Error

Regular Advisor

Software Deployment Error

Hello When I try to deploy a package I am getting the following error on some of the PCs. What is wrong?


Taken from Client Log File...

Connection accepted from [] at [Thu Nov 22 14:14:09 2007]
No return socket received.
Internal Token validation will be performed
Local notify Password verification disabled.
Path restricted to IDMSYS subdirectory
Internal token validation will be used for USER ID.
Invalid userid received.
UID: E1842F51
Invalid password received
CMD: radskman sname=WINRAR,dname=SOFTWARE,rtimeout=14400,startdir=SYSTEM,port=3464,ip=hpopenview,cop=y,JOBID=N:652:653
Closing socket [176]
Honored Contributor

Re: Software Deployment Error


Is this error on all the software deployments or only on this specific software??.

Have you removed the user id and password or did you add user id and password in the Notify task???

Regular Advisor

Re: Software Deployment Error

It is happening for all software packs for that PC.

Re: Software Deployment Error

what username and permissions was the ccm client installed onto the machine under.

Is there a risk if the client is installed under a user account it may not have the right permissions to then install software pushed to it from the deployment server?

Regular Advisor

Re: Software Deployment Error

I reinstalled the agent manually on each node and problem fixed.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event