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Software Installations S-L-O-W


Software Installations S-L-O-W

I have a big problem. For some reason or another, installing software through Software Manager is unbearably slow. I need to get this fixed right away in order to finish a proof of concept for my director.

Here is the scenario:

I have HP Settings Migration Manager set up in my RCS. It's about 7MB in size. On my client machine, I installed it via Software Manager and it took about 90 seconds to install.

I then upgraded the client machine to Windows XP via OS Manager. The Windows XP image includes the Radia Client. After the image was complete, I went back into Software Manager to install Settings Migration Manager again and it's not installing. It looks like it has stalled and it's showing that there are 78 minutes left to install.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem can be?

Re: Software Installations S-L-O-W

These might help...not sure if they are applicable in your case tho (is it a MSI you are deploying?)

Microsoft Knowledgebase Article (KB883794) - Web-based installation of a software program takes more time than expected when you use a Windows Installer file.;en-us;883794
Hewlett Packard Knowledgebase Article

(OV-EN018583) - Radia Installation of an MSI Application Takes Longer than Expected


Re: Software Installations S-L-O-W

I thought I better come back and let the forum know that this problem is now resolved. HP support provided me with an updated client, in particular a new radiamsi.sys. Everything now works as expected.
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