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Unable to logon to HPCA Starter

Unable to logon to HPCA Starter

The logon screen isn't being displayed when attempting to logon to HPCA Starter. Instead I receive:


HTTP Status 404 - /sessionmanager/login.jsp

type Status report

message /sessionmanager/login.jsp

description The requested resource (/sessionmanager/login.jsp) is not available.


I have restarted the services on the server, but this message persists

Valued Contributor

Re: Unable to logon to HPCA Starter


Sometimes you need to wait for a while for all the services to start-up, give it a few minutes on a low-configuration machine. BTW, if you are going to re-start the services, re-start the core service in most cases - this will re-start the others in the right sequence.

Best Regards,

Shanti Yajnik

Re: Unable to logon to HPCA Starter

We have waited for a considerable period of time after the services were restarted (restarting the Core Service) and this is the screen we get when trying to logon.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event