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Access Control set up

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Access Control set up



I'd like some advice / thoughts please :o) I have started working in an organisation that has created groups for access controls and is using these groups as all 3 locations in TRIM (different groups for different records requirements). My issue with this is that if the records access controls are set by the location of the record, being that group will this not affect the security / access when the locations are changed?


Access control - GRP - Personnel

Assignee - GRP - Personnel

Home - GRP - Personnel

Owner - GRP - Personnel


if the locations on this record are changed to something other than GRP - Personnel will this make the record open to other users to access?



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Re: Access Control set up

IF the access control is set to GRP - Personnel, then the assignee, home, or owner location will have nothing to do with who can access the record based on the scenario you provided.


One would have to "belong" to GRP - Personnel group in order for you access control to kick in.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event