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I am testing the TRIM alert function prior to rollout to all TRIM users and would like to know if anyone here is aware how the alerts effect the event server - i.e. if several staff inadvertedley select the any record option (even though they will be trained not to), will this slow the event server down, and could it even contribute to interupting the event server in any way?


Thanks in advance :smileyhappy:

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Re: Alerts

As far as I know the eventserver will process all record changes anyway. With an "Any record" condition the filter will utilize less CPU, but that will be compensated by more effort required to to generate the e-mails. Your mailserver will be a lot more busy as well and maybe your antispam filter may kick in and absorb many e-mails. The biggest problem may be your users who don't realize where all the e-mails are coming from and try to compensate with an Outlook rule instead of adjusting the TRIM Alert filter criteria. Hopefully many users don't know about Outlook rules and call your helpdesk so you can help them in their filter. All event server processes (like indexing, auditing and alerts) run in parallel, so they won't affect each other too much.

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Re: Alerts

Cheers Sander, thats exactly the kind of info I was after. The guys will be trained to never select the Any Record option, I will drum it into them that should they be lazy enough to select this option that TRIM will then spam their inbox, slow the mailserver down and pretty much make the function redudent so they might aswell just leave the Alerts alone then select this option. However there are always exceptions to the rule ...

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