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Assignee for workflow activity

Assignee for workflow activity



Version: 6.24.1236


I was just wondering why the 'Select Assignee For Next Activity' box opens in my workflows for an activity even if it has been skipped? For example: We have a leave application form workflow where the Supervisor will select a result of either 'Leave Approved' or 'Leave not Approved'. Then they will need to choose an assignee for the next activity depending on which result they have selected. However the 'Select Assignee' box opens twice. Once for the activity that follows the 'Leave Approved' result and once for the activity that follows the 'Leave not Approved' result, even though they have selected the 'Leave Approved' result. and the Leave not Approved side of the workflow has been skipped.



HPE Expert

Re: Assignee for workflow activity

Hi Miranda,


It doesn't sound like normal behaviour. I suggest logging a call with the help desk. They'll probably want an export of your workflow template attached to the job.




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Re: Assignee for workflow activity

Hi Neil,


Thanks. I have logged a case with the help desk.



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