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Audit Logs Data and Time

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Audit Logs Data and Time

Hi All


Apologies if this has been covered already.  I have been alway interested as to why the data and time in our audit logs does not reflect the actual date and time that events occur.  For example.


8/03/2011 at 12:03 AM    MLECKIE    Record : F2009/00043-02    Modified    HP11070471318.NRMB.local    Leckie, Miranda (Ms)        8/03/2011 at 10:33 AM


The first date and time is at 12 in the morning.  Clearly not a time that our staff member would be modifying a file.  However the second time looks correct.  So can someone explain the first date and time to me.



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Re: Audit Logs Data and Time

All times in TRIM are recorded in GMT times.


Recently there was a post about dates/time being stored in TRIM, which showed GMT times and there was a great response of:


"All primary dates and times are stored as GMT in the database which is a time value that does not change no matter where/when you are in the world.


If TRIM were to display the date in the regional time zone value and have it +/- 1 hour depending on the date of the value, TRIM would need patching every 6 months to keep up with all the DST changes that are made all the time around the world.


(Just like Windows updates need to be applied when a state/country decides to change when DST is going to start)"


Hope this helps :smileyhappy:


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