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Checked out documents with no checked out path


Checked out documents with no checked out path

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Windows XP SP3 & Office 2003 SP3 going to

Windows 7 SP1 & Office 2010 SP1


Since upgrading we are getting the occassional document checked out but with no checked out path. Documents are a mixture of Word and PDF but there doesn't appear to be any pattern. A couple have been scanned in via Trapeze and a couple have been Word docs generated by TechOne Property & Rating Ci program which uses the SDK to put the documents into TRIM. The rest appear to be stock standard documents.


Screen shot of the latest instance attached. We have had to check this back in as it was required by close of business today.


Is anyone else seen this and/or know why it is happening?


Re: Checked out documents with no checked out path

I have had confirmation today that another NZ site is having exactly the same issue occur. Again no pattern or obvious cause.


Are we the only two?

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Re: Checked out documents with no checked out path

If you do a manual check-in from Offline records then there will be no path.  It looks like the other instances are where the trimwatcher checks it in automatically.  The others are when the user manually checks-in.


You can reproduce by editing a document, making a quick modification, then quickly [manually] check it back in.  It will just show "Offline Records" with no specific path.  If you let the integration check it back in then the full path shows.


Re: Checked out documents with no checked out path

Thanks for the info, but I don't think that is what is happening here. My fault as I should have explained the screen shots I attached. Note: the screenshots were all captured within minutes of each other.


The first one is showing the issue that crops up, there is no checked out on date/time and no checked out path. Note this is not Offline Records with no specified path, but completely blank with nothing at all.


The second screen shot is showing the last edit that user RMCN (Ross McNeil) made to the record on 3/9/12 at 11:25am. There were 3 other edits made to the record after this, by users THAN, KMOR and RDOL.


The third screenshot confirms that user RDOL checked out this record on 4/9/12 at 8:19am and edited the record, while it was already (apparently) checked out to user RMCN. 


I have checked the audit logs again and users THAN, KMOR and RDOL, along with user GKNI who checked the record out and returned it unchanged, all checked out this record after user RMCN who didn't check the document out again until the day after I noticed the issue, reported it and did the screenshots.


The first screenshot even has the Date Modified clearly showing the last edit as being 4/9/12 at 8:28am, almost 24 hours after RMCN did his edit.


Which leads to the question of how can this record be checked out to RMCN when 3 other users have since edited the same record?


I checked the offline records for user RMCN and there was no duplicate folder in there for this record, which I was advised by our vendor would occur if the record was still in the users offline records and they reopened the record for editing. Our offline records are currently on the C drive of the users PC/Laptop or on the C drive of the Citrix server if the users are on a thin client. User RMCN has a laptop.

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