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Content search results and sort order

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Content search results and sort order

Have come across an unusual (to me) situation. When I run a document content search and sort the results by any column (record no, title, date created etc) the sorted results are partially sorted (eg title a,b,c,..z, then some back to starting at a etc; dated go .../2010, then .../2008). If I run any other type of search (title word, date created etc) the search results can be sorted correctly. Also, If I sort the document content search by expanded number, it does sort correctly.


We did experience a problem with DCI for a couple of days, so I am wondering if this glitch is impacting the sort order? Seems strange to me because documents were still being captured into TRIM ( while the DCI problem was being resolved. Content index has been rebuilt once the problem was resolved.


Has anyone come across this before or got any clues as to where to start looking to resolve it?

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Re: Content search results and sort order

This is a know issue. There is an open CR/Product Defect ticket with TRIM R&D.
CR: QCCR2D40454

HP Application Information Optimizer (AIO) Support
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Re: Content search results and sort order

Thanks for the response, TMack

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event