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Contribute Contents


Contribute Contents

Hi All,


 What security would I need to apply to allow users to add a document to a particular container, but not view it once it hits the container ? I have played with contribute contents, but cant seem to get it working.





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Re: Contribute Contents


Hi Matt,


Restrict View Document, View Metadata and Modify Access






Re: Contribute Contents

Hi James,


I tried this and no luck . I am creating a record in the TRIM web client and adding it to restricted file, however I I get 'No Record Found' error message displaying.



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Re: Contribute Contents


Using just access controls I did it this way ** but ** its ugly, (I would love to see a more elegant solution)


On the container

You need View Metadata on in order to be able to 'find' it to add the document

You need Contribute Contents to be able to add the docuemnt to the container.


On the record you are creating you need the View Document, Update Document permission.


The uglyness comes in here


The fact you dont want the user to be able to find the record so you don't want them in the view metadat access control, so you have to have a different default on that record type. you can inherit from container, as you must be in the view metadata for the container to see it to add the document.


The default assignee for the document must be a location that can see the document (by default it is yourself unless you have a different default on the record type)


If you try and save the record with yourself as the assignee you will get a warning about breaching access controls,


so you need to either have

a default set on the record type

get users to change the assignee,

or tell users to live with the warning.


(You can probably turn this warning off in system settings, but then you are really messing  with the system to get this one function and that may have adverse side effects)


If your prepared to use an SDK application then a custom event process that chnages view metadat or view document for the record after its been registered would avoid this ugliness, but there is a short period after registering the document where it can be seen before it gets the access control.









Re: Contribute Contents

Sorry for confusion, but I forgot to mention that rather then not allowing the user to a view a document, I am restricting them to not be allowed to view the metadata form once it is placed in a container.



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Re: Contribute Contents

>> restricting them to not be allowed to view the metadata form once it is placed in a container.


The "ugliness" I posted above does that, so teh record disappears from view once saved and yout get an access denied message ..

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Re: Contribute Contents

Believe if you turn on the DoD complance it allows this but you will have to check what other side affects this has.




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event