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Custom Report - Classifications - HELP please :-)

Custom Report - Classifications - HELP please :-)

I have set up a new basic report in TRIM 7 which will be used to socialise our new business classification scheme.  We have previously exported classification details out of TRIM and published as excel or word docs.  To save time and effort, I thought it would be easier to have the report generated directly from TRIM (saves on effort reformatting every time things are updated!).  The basic outline of the report is a Title (BCS), a date, and then one page for each top level classification which includes the name of the classification, the notes and then (hopepfully) a list of the sub-classifications at level 2.  The field that I am not able to insert is the sub classification list?  Has anyone else done this and can you tell me what Im looking for in the "Items available to Add" or isnt it there?




Re: Custom Report - Classifications - HELP please :-)

Hi Kerry


I might be wrong but classifcation reports seem to treat sub-classifications and classifications as the same thing (Classification Title). Including them both in a report is a matter of expanding your classification and tagging the terms you want.  This means you end up with notes for each term which is probably a lot to present to new users and not really what you want.





Re: Custom Report - Classifications - HELP please :-)

Hi Ruben!

Yes, not really what I wanted.   Was trying to replicate a report that used to export out of the old Captura 4.3.   Not having much luck though and unfortunately keep crashing TRIM when I try to close and save any changes to my design as well :-(

Looks like the old excel spreadsheet is going to be the backup plan again.

Thanks for the reply.


HPE Expert

Re: Custom Report - Classifications - HELP please :-)

To add the band for sub-classifications while in the report designer:


1. Select View - Bands

2. Right-click on the band named Classification and select Add

3. Select the "Classifications - subordinate classifications" band from the list of available sub-bands

4. Click OK




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