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End user not getting changes to their permissions

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End user not getting changes to their permissions

Hi All


I have what I can only describe as a glitch.  I had a user who required access to a barcode scanner.  I made the appropriate changes to their user permissions however they did not get the "Physical Tracking" option on their tools menu.  After messing around with permissions for a while, restarting etc she was still unable to see this menu.  I then gave her full admin rights....still nothing.


It just so happened this end user also required TRIMport and I had an IT doing a manual install on her computer.  He called me and was advised that her Import/Export option was not coming up in the production dataset (which was fine as she only had permissions in testing to do this)  The IT guy went into the test dataset and she did not have the import/export option, however she did have the "Physical Tracking" Option. 


I updated her permissions to "Information Manager" in the production dataset, the IT then logged into production and had permission to import/export & "physical tracking".  I had to update her permissions in the test database to administrator, get IT to log back into test - and hazaah he had access to import/export & "physical tracking"  I then backed off permission in each dataset to the relevant permissions for the end user, and all was good again...until thismorning when the end user logged onto another PC (the one with the actual barcode scanner) and she did not have access.


This has not happened for any other end user...what could be causing this glitch...has anyone else had similar problems.  We are currently on 6.3


Thanks, Kate

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Re: End user not getting changes to their permissions

sorry we are on 6.2.3 not 6.3

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Re: End user not getting changes to their permissions

As long as you don't change the actual user category, users won't automatically get new options in their menus.

They have to rightclick the toolbar somewhere, select customize and then on the toolbars tab click the "reset to defaults" button. That way, all menu items to which they previously didn't have access will be inserted at the appropriate locations.

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Re: End user not getting changes to their permissions



Thanks for your reply.  I only have "Reset" & "Reset my data usage" as options.  Can you advise which one of these and I will test this out.  It doesn't appear consistent though as I have since fixed her permissions on the second computer and I upgraded her to "Information Manager" and she was able to get the settings, however previous to that I had upgraded her to administrator and she did not get the settings.


What you are suggesting does make sense though so I will have a go at this with a test user in our test database so I understand how this is supposed to work


Thanks again for your help


Cheers, Kate

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