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Hidden Saved Searches

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Hidden Saved Searches



Is there a way to vew all saved searches that someone has modify rights to? When switiching saved searches to another user, the person with modify rights was left off the use access rights, this has resulted in a very strange situation where ther person that has modify access cannot see the searches and ther person that can see them, cannot modify them. Any help would be great, thanks!




Re: Hidden Saved Searches

On a related note, is there even a way to search all of thes saved searches?
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Re: Hidden Saved Searches

Hi Steve


The Administrator can see all Saved Searches... but you can't filter the list of Saved Searches.


Have the person who can see the Saved Searches list their Saved Searches (Ctrl G) and either selecting the ones to change or Tag All (Ctrl A) and then Make a Reference (Ctrl M).  This reference is then emailed to you (Administrator)... you can then open the Reference, Tag All and then change the Security Access appropriately.


I don't believe there is a search method associated with Saved Searches... (there may be something that can be done in the background).





Re: Hidden Saved Searches

Thanks for the reply, worked great!

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event