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How to archive Web-based (Wordpress) content to TRIM?

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How to archive Web-based (Wordpress) content to TRIM?

Is there any possible way to save a web page to TRIM so that when the TRIM record is viewed it appears as a replica of how the web page actually appeared?


I've tried the basic process of saving a web page as a HTML document, but doing so strips all the embedded content and breaks the links from the page to any associated documents so you are left with a muddled mess that bears no resemblance at all to the original.


We are looking to archive externally hosted static and collaborative websites (with user comments & uploaded documents) on our internal TRIM system as there is a retention requirement of up to 30 years associated with the the business function of the websites.


The websites use Wordpress and Wordpress enables you to export the web pages as XML as well as HTML.


At last TUF, I recall seeing  a database archiving tool demonstration that would reconstruct a transaction record from an archived database record stored in XML format,  and present it in a manner that mimicked the original system. This is the type of behaviour I would like produce.


Any recommendations with dealing with web pages?





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Re: How to archive Web-based (Wordpress) content to TRIM?

I thought more sites would be archiving webpages by now and had some ideas to share. Not everyone can be using SharePoint? LoL.

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Re: How to archive Web-based (Wordpress) content to TRIM?

Save it as MHTML and file into trim.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event