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Missing Active Audit Events

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Missing Active Audit Events

Hi All


We run TRIM 6.2.4 build 1240. We are having some instances where certain events are not appearing in a record's active audit events (when you right mouse click and select Details then Active Audit Events).  Some examples are where it shows that a document has been checked out twice i.e. it's missing the returned unchanged event.  Also some records have been viewed but the event is missing i.e. no record of that user viewing that document.  Later events are there as well as some earlier events but clearly some are missing.


This has happened before but apparently our IT people had a contractor come in who made a mistake with disc space and the server ran out of disc space - we thought this was the cause.  However the server hasn't run out of disc space this time and we are still experiencing this.  Sometimes the events magically appear where they should be but mostly they never appear.


I have attached a screenshot of where the event was missing and where it appeared - I am hoping that this will help explain what the issue may be.


Any idea's on what could potentially be causing this as it is fairly serious.  We had this issue on 6.1.4 prior to our upgrade.


Many thanks in advance, Amanda Pentz

HPE Expert

Re: Missing Active Audit Events

Hi Amanda,


This was a bug identified in 6.2, where in certain circumstances active audit events were not written to the online audit log. It was reported as CRID 37371 and fixed in the 6.2.5 release.


The only known workaround is System Options > Record Tab > 'Update the Last Action Date of the associated Record' must be ticked. You would need to consider whether selecting this option would have any undesirable effects on your record disposal practices (e.g. if your retention schedules are based on Last Action Date); if so, an upgrade to 6.2.5 is necessary.




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HPE Software Support Online (SSO):
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Re: Missing Active Audit Events

Hi Neil


Thank you very much for your response.  This option is currently ticked and has always been ticked.  We actually had this issue of missing active audit events with the previous version of TRIM 6.1.4.


We have a suspicion that the Volume Shadow Copy Service which seems to be running on the TRIM server is interfering with the TRIM services.


Apart from this we are at a loss for why this is occurring.  It is a huge concern if we cannot guarantee that our active audit events are accurate.  My concern is that if we were asked in a Court of Law to guarantee that our audit events are accurate we will not be able to.  It is also very disconcerting that this is a known bug as it could potentially have very severe consequences which in this instance is rather unacceptable from a records management & compliance point of view.


Thanks again for your assistance in this regard it is very much appreciated and I will most certainly be looking into this further.


Bye for now, Amanda

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