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New PCs for Users - Transfering Favourites

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New PCs for Users - Transfering Favourites

Our Organisation is in the process of rolling out new PCs to staff . I am seeking advice as to how we might transfer their Saved Favourites (Records & Searches) across to the new PCs. (Is there an easier way than sending a TRIM Reference to oneself by email and then saving again).


We will also be upgrading to 1240 (from 1226) and again, I seek advice as to retaining Saved Favourites.




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Re: New PCs for Users - Transfering Favourites

When you have roaming profiles you don't have to do anything. When users log on to an other machine, their preferences are automatically there.


If not, then you'l have to copy the TRIM part of the "Documents and Settings". Then also think about Offline Folders and user customizations (including integration with office) in the registry and transfer them to the new PC.


In TRIM 7 the favorites and user settings (at least some of them) are stored in the database so the trouble of transferring those will go away once you upgrade, but the Offline Folders and Office integration settings will still have to replicated manually.

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Re: New PCs for Users - Transfering Favourites

Hey Adam


the favourites are stored as a file under the users profile.


C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Application Data\TOWER Software\TRIM5\<DBID>\RecordFavorites.bin


Where <USERNAME> is the users logon and <DBID> is the Trim database identifier.


Just copy that file from their old PC to their new PC.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event