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Office 2010 Ribbon Issue

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Office 2010 Ribbon Issue

Hi, trying to sort out an issue with Office 2010 ribbon.  When one dataset (dataset A) is default the HP Records Manager tab in Word/Excel etc shows the Save As and Open icons as part of the HPRM menu, if a different dataset (dataset B) is set as default then it does not show the icons.   With dataset A the normal File Open and Save go straight to local, with dataset B they go to HPRM.  Also, dataset B loads in Office in Offline mode (even when the client is set to Online).  Any idea's on why different modes of operation?

Have set the options in client to be exactly the same for both datasets.


HPRM8.1.0 Build 7517  and Office 2010

(Sorry posted this in the Customer Support  area as well and realised not everyone could see it).



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Re: Office 2010 Ribbon Issue

Hi Jamie. (deleted your other copy of this post to avoid double-handling)


The behaviour you're describing is supposed to be controlled by the options in the user's "integration" options in the HPRM client. See attached screen shot.


The first setting ("Work directly with HP Records Manager") should control whether the HPRM integration starts up in Online or Offline mode.


The second setting should control whether the user is able to access the normal local Open and Save paths. I suggest double-checking those options in the client for an affected user. Perhaps try turning them off if they're on, or visa-versa, and clicking OK, and then setting them back the way they should be. My best guess is something's possibly mucked up in the user's configuration settings, either in the HPRM database and/or the HKCU registry settings.


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Re: Office 2010 Ribbon Issue


Thanks for the response.  Yes we have sorted out the offline/online issue.  The other issue with the File Save As/Open icons not appearing on the HP Records Manager menu related to a setting on the Miscellaneous Tab of System Options about showing these icons in versions earlier than Office 2013.  Not really a great place ot put an option to do with Office integration but anyway all sorted now.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event