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Security and Access settings Model in HP RM8.1

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Security and Access settings Model in HP RM8.1


Win 7, HP RM8.1.1.7760, SQL 2012, MS Office 2010


I was given a task from the Business & Training area to present visually (in basic language) the security model of our EDMS (together with folder's structure, access security settings etc.) and I have to say, it is very complex. 

I started collecting all ideas how to best represent it. 

Does HP have any document (besides HELP file) that can help us to undesrtan it and present it visually? 


Anyway, my starting points are: Record Type settings, Individual Record (Corporate File) access settings, then Location belonging to a certain branches/Security group..

The question:

Am I missing anything drastic here? 

Does anyone have any similar presentation done before and can we see it?

How this can be better represented?

Any other tip is welcomed.








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Re: Security and Access settings Model in HP RM8.1

I think you may want to consider having a couple of images\ charts rather than squeezing it all on one.





Organisation > Group > location 

Box > container > record


user type > security level > Caveat > access controls

There was a more detailed description in the administration guide booklet that was issued when attending the TRIM \ RM admin course.



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Re: Security and Access settings Model in HP RM8.1

Thanks, I will certanly include this.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event