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TRIM Dictionary update for 7.1 1550

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TRIM Dictionary update for 7.1 1550

Hi everyone,
It is a time to update the TRIM Dictionary in my Department and I have a series of questions in regards to that. The environment is : Win XP, TRIM 7.1 (1150) , Office 2007.

- Relation between MS Office Word dictionary and TRIM dictionary
Dictionary File and any other MS OFFICE application sharing?
TRIM Import/Export Feature needed or not for this?
All in one or different dictionaries for let say post codes, cities, then states , etc?
Appropriate time ( and duration) to do update change

Global or user dictionary relationship
Sources file extension, excel, txt, or else?
Destinations file extension?
TRIM’s Global Settings needs to be done?
Impact to service during change
Update the Auto Change dictionary as well?
Users to be notified prior to the change?
Access to C:\Program Files ?
Dictionary File and PDF integration PDF-A
What else we need to pay attention to?

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Re: TRIM Dictionary update for 7.1 1550

Hi Delete_or_Not,


I have been testing the Dictionary import in TRIM 7 and havent been able to successfully do so. Each time I try to import a new .txt file, TRIM 'hangs\stalls'. (I can successfully import the same .txt file in TRIM 6.XX; from the same PC.)


Have you managed to import a new dictionary in TRIM 7?



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Re: TRIM Dictionary update for 7.1 1550

Not quite yet,

The project will start some time next week. I am still collecting all relevant information, but not much success here or at the other forum. I think that the Dictionary is the important issue, especialy if you have large number of users, almost 2000. But thanks anyway

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