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TRIM reports

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TRIM reports

Hi, is it possible to generate a report on who have accessed / viewed confidential documents in a particular container(s) from the TRIM interface rather than a direct query on the database?  I know we can view the audit events for  each record from the View Pane but they'd prefer an at a glance report in Excel.  Many thanks.

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Re: TRIM reports

I use an excel report that does just this. There's nothing available out of the box though.
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Re: TRIM reports

Hi Annabelle,


Eric is right, however there is a better view than Audit Events.


if you go right-mouse click on the TRIM toolbar and Customise... select All Commands and choose Active Audit Events.  Add this to the toolbar using drag and drop.


If you have a record highlighted and click the icon, this will give you a much more concise activity overview than Audit Events on the View pane.


You can customise this or right-mouse click, Print Merge choose tab delimited to view in Excel...


(Once you've set it up it's easy to use, fiddly first time.)




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Re: TRIM reports


That is a handy way to do it. Though sounded like she wanted a report of all items contained within a folder, which that solution doesn't support (unfortunately).

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Re: TRIM reports

[ Edited ]

If there are particular folders you want to report active audit events on then you can do it via a saved search


You can't create the search directly as Trim dosn’t  give you access to the search UI to search all historical records, but if you prepare a saved search for one document and save the search then you can edit this saved search and it will allow you to search across all historical events.


For example:-


The folder you want to audit activity on is called 2012/666

Find any document within folder 2012/666 and right mouse click and choose Details then Active Audit Events

This will show you the active audit events for that one record.

Right mouse click and choose Search | Save Search As and give it a name (Document Viewed Events 2012/666)


Now go to Save searches and find this saved search

Choose properties and choose Edit Query

The query will have  Search String as “All”  change it to
record:[container:2012/666+] and type:5,6,7,32,33,34,35,36,38,39,43


(The type numbers 5,6,7 etc refers to the event types that have exposed the contents of a document (Document Viewed, Document Checked Out, Document extracted etc)

Run the search and it now showing Historical events for records contained within folder 2012/666 including subfolders

That’s a bit limiting as you have to specifically name the file in the query string,


however, you could modify the search to make it a bit generic by saying it will show audit events for documents in the WorkTray, so a user could put the file (or files even if they weant to search acorss multiple) in to their worktray and run the saved search


So a saved search of "Documents Viewed Events Worktray" would be

record:[container:workTray+ ] and type:5,6,7,32,33,34,35,36,38,39,43


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Re: TRIM reports

Thank you all for your replies.  I found a report layout, that lists the historical events of selected records.  Still trying to find ways to output the report in Excel.


Rich, may I just ask what version of TRIM are you using?  I tried to follow your suggestions (on TRIM, but it doesn't quite work.

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Re: TRIM reports

Hi Annabelle,


sorry missed the fact you replied to me a couple of weeks ago


I did this for 7.10.1157 and have just checked and it also works in 7.3 (sorry I havn't got any 7.2.x versions lying around to check)


The queries I gave were for folders in the worktray that had documents in that I wanted a report on.

If you put documents in the worktray then the query is

record:worktray and type:5,6,7,32,33,34,35,36,38,39,43