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Thesaurus changes in 7.2.2

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Thesaurus changes in 7.2.2



We have recently upgraded to 7.2.2 build 3697 from 6.2.0 and have noticed two changes within the thesaurus:


1. Using the "Search for thesaurus terms containing the word" search within the thesaurus is much slower.


2. Previously we were able to double click on a term in the Related thesaurus Terms pane on the right side and this would take us to the term on the left hand side. This facilitated moving around the thesaurus. The double click on a term now does nothing.


Does anyone know a solution or if this is a known issue or ...?





Honored Contributor

Re: Thesaurus changes in 7.2.2

1) After the upgrade did you perform a schema repair and recreate the indexes?  Also ensure you have generated new database statistics (Schema->analyze) and put in place a maintenance plan that both rebuilds indexes and statistics.  Speed shouldn't be bad.


2) Maybe a quirk in your build?  I just tried in 7.3.2 and it works as expected.


Re: Thesaurus changes in 7.2.2

Hi Erik




1.  am sure the schema repair and indexes were recreated as part of the upgrade but will look into it as well as ongoing maintenance for indexes and stats.


2. Yeah probably a quirk in the build. I hoped that for some reason it was a new setting that was simply not ticked. Nothing that an upgrade won't fix then. :)