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User cannot bring up Email in TRIM/RM/CM

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User cannot bring up Email in TRIM/RM/CM

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There is a user in our organization who cannot open an email in Trim/RM/CM.  He says that he is getting the blue circle, then the application crashes.   I can see the email and I can open it up.   The user created the email and has proper security and access controls to see the email.

I have tried to replicate the problem from my end.  I cannot.  I have opened dozens of applications and then tried to open the email and have no problem.

Has anyone experienced the problem of blue circle of death when opening a record in TRIM/RM/CM?  This person is very high up in the organization and I want to come up with an answer.  This is a little embarrassing.  Does anyone have an ideas? 

Probably the problem is his computer.





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Re: User cannot bring up Email in TRIM/RM/CM

Is it just the view feature not working, or is it the double click? Can they supercopy it out?

One user having the problem:

  • check that the email is set to open in the native format eg Outlook
  • see if they can open on another machine
  • reinstall TRIM
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Re: User cannot bring up Email in TRIM/RM/CM

Hi RodgerDodger,

Have you checked the integration settings in Outlook and also RM/TRIM as well as Desktop Applications in RM/TRIM to see if they are integrated if not enable them, try to see if it works. If they are integrated disable in both applications close them re-open RM/TRIM do a get global check integration again in both if disabled enable and try again and also check Desktop Applications in RM/TRIM to also ensure that Outlook Add In is selected.

Failing that possibly a reinstall possibly.

Hope it helps you,



Re: User cannot bring up Email in TRIM/RM/CM

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Also, as an after thought is the file extension, e.g .eml, .msg associated in the Viewer i.e File>Options>Viewer 


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event