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Windows 7 PRO and 6.23

Occasional Contributor

Windows 7 PRO and 6.23

We currently have an issue where our users can`t check out documents to thier offline folders.  Also Clients can not "Save As" from Word.  Not sure if they are related or not.  we have checked setting and everything seem right. Clients are able to drag and drop into the container but not "Save As"


  "word did not save the document"


Windows 7 Pro

TRIM 6.23

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Re: Windows 7 PRO and 6.23

Just a quick suggestion:


The first version of TRIM to support Windows 7 was 6.2.4 1240.

It's possible you are seeing a problem due to the unsupported configuration you are using.


Both the issues you have pointed out may be fixable though, but we'll need more details to be able to help. :smileyhappy:

e.g. What error messages are seen by the users?

What version of Office?


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event