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Hi all


I am trying to setup a workflow that has multiple results - that is, any 2 or more of 34 different scenarios might be required to take place (yes, it's a tad complex!). When completing an activity in TRIM I am able to tick multiple results but when I do my workflow is being completed - that is, rather than move on to the next activity (or two or three) the whole workflow is finished.


Is what I'm trying to do feasible?


Thanks in advance





Windows 7

Oracle DB


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Re: Workflow

Sounds like there is a lot going on, are you able to upload an image of all the activites?

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Re: Workflow

See attached.

It works if I select all 4 results in step one - but I want to be able to select any 1 or more and have it not reach the 3rd stage without the dependancies being met.  If I select all 4 possible outcomes then it seems to work but any time I select 2 or 3 it autocompletes every future step.


Note: this is a cut down version of the real thing - I have 3 24" wide screen monitors and the full version won't fit across them all - but, if I could get this simple version to work then I'm sure the larger one will. In the full version I have 41 different results for the first activity - with any number of them (most likely less than 10) likely to be chosen for each workflow.

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Re: Workflow

Try double clicking on those results from the second set of activities (the arrows with the solid fill color), check the "This is an optional Start Condition", and click click ok.  See if that works.

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Re: Workflow

Yes, it does work, but unfortunately that dependancy is a fundamental part of the workflow, that is, the "compile information" stage should not start until both the previous steps are completed - but both the previous steps may not always be required...

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event