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Workgroup Logging Level Setting

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Workgroup Logging Level Setting

Can someone please remind me where the level of logging is?  I'm wanting to set it to verbose or higher in an effort to debug an issue we are having and I can't find it in 7.1.1


There are plenty of suggestions to turn on "verbose workgroup logging" on the forum but the registry setting isn't mentioned.




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Re: Workgroup Logging Level Setting

There's only logging On or Off for the Workgroup Logs.


I double checked the available reg keys (that aren't created by default) and I could not see any related to logging level.


The only place we have various log levels is for the Audit Log in System Options > Events.

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Re: Workgroup Logging Level Setting

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I may be completely wrong but there is no 'verbose' setting for the workgroup server log.


There is a "Full" setting for the Audit Log (this is in the Client under system configuration options and events)

The other options are abreviated and detailed.


The workgroup server log is only enabled when you choose "Enable Logging Now" on the workgroup server in Trim Enterprise studio


From memory of when I have used it, the workgroup log its pretty detailed.


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