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Can symfony run in the cloud somewhere ?


Can symfony run in the cloud somewhere ?


I am completely new to all of this and looking around for help.I currently have an application written in php using the symfony framework. An additional aspect i am considering is moving to the cloud. Can symfony run in the cloud somewhere ?
If all customers are using the same application we then have find a way isolating each customers data. Customers do for example have admin access and can manager their own users and privileges. At a simplistic level you could just have a organisation identifier in each table take and add that to all database operations. Propel can do this aparently but I have not tried it. I have gone through Clous explainer videos but it seems that it doesn't met detailed. Has anyone looked at this, are there any good aproaches to this problem? I went through many resources but did not find any solution for this issues. Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you