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HP Helion - How committed is HP to this platform?


HP Helion - How committed is HP to this platform?

I have been searching for a new deployment solution.  I believe I have found something promising in the HP Helion Openstack platform, but my reservation is that HP may treat this like a fad.  I want HP to provide me with a pure Openstack environment that I can then build my product upon, and I believe this is the future.  I have many questions, and chief among them is this:

How comitted is HPe to the Helion Openstack product, and can I trust HPe to support this for the next 5+ years? 

I see a lot of hype out there, and I have talked to HPe sales about this, but I cannot get much of a straight answer to this.  And no, I am not interested at all in Azure.  No windows is my rule.


Re: HP Helion - How committed is HP to this platform?

Helllo Chili, 

While reviewing some very old posts I came around on this one. At this moment we still have a large team within HPE Pointnext supporting the HPE Helion OpenStack product through its lifecycle. 
HPE is still even in 2018 committed to HPE Helion OpenStack as we will be releasing next week our new flagship product called HPE Helion OpenStack 8 with new features and functionality all supported for lifecycle support by the  HPE Pointnext Cloud Center of Excellence for 24x7 follow the sun coverage where needed. 

Feel free to take a look at this document: that is showing the lifecycle support we provide for existing HPE Helion OpenStack products still for the 3.x release and soon up till 2021 for our new HOS8.

I hope this helps to give you the confidence back?

Best Regards, Jeroen Kleen


(I am an HPE employee)