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Welcome to the Cloud Mentoring and Education discussion forum!

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Welcome to the Cloud Mentoring and Education discussion forum!

Welcome to our new discussion forum, where we will focus on best practices and resources available to help IT professionals through adoption of cloud technologies.

Our Education Services cloud experts and other HPE cloud experts, monitor and participate on these forums. We will be looking in on the discussion threads here frequently, to see what types of questions are being asked and to provide helpful advice and links to available resources.

Let me point out one such exciting new resource, which is our new "Office Hours" service. This service provides you with access to a live chat with our HPE cloud experts, once a month. That team will also be looking in here to this forum, and gathering the most urgent and interesting questions from all of you to address in that forum.

Interested? The Office Hours access is part of our new OpenStack(r) Technology Prime Training subscription. Find the datasheet on the Prime subscription here:

You can also buy Office Hours by itself:

We encourage everyone to participate actively in this new Cloud Mentoring and Education discussion forum. Please enter your questions, participate with other peers in exchanging information and best practice advice. Also, know that our HPE cloud expert teams are here to support and assist, as well.

Again, welcome to our discussion forum!!

All the best from the HPE Education Services team for Cloud:
Larry Hinman -- lead for worldwide on cloud education
Deeko Patel -- lead for Americas on cloud education
Kelly Baig -- lead for marketing on cloud education