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What's your cloud certification strategy?

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What's your cloud certification strategy?

Our team recently offered some advice on cloud certifications for which our training is designed to prep our students. You can work with EXIN or OpenStack for certification. Some of our experts comment on why you might work with either or both, in our recent blog available at:

Bill Horzempa, the worldwide lead for all of our training portfolios, also had some advice on Neutron certs picked up at a recent OpenStack meetup in the Boston area. Here are the highlights of what he brought back from the discussion there:

  • There were about 40 people at the most recent meeting, last week (week of May 23)
  • Bill heard some feedback from many of the people who attended the recent OpenStack Summit - and essentially, with that event becoming so popular with more than 7500 attending this year, the feedback was that the mix of technical people with business people at the event was not ideal for the technical people. What was shared?
    • OpenStack will be splitting the Summit into two parts
    • There will be a "Design" part for technical people
    • There will a "Sessions" part for mixed audiences, business and technical
  • The whole question of certifications came up - and someone mentioned that OpenStack had announced their new certification and wondered what people in the room might know about it. Bill provided this advice:
    • Yes, OpenStack has introduced certification
    • OpenStack has designed this for System Administrators
    • HPE had approached the OpenStack organization around 2 years ago, and asked at that time if OpenStack had plans to introduce certification - which they did not at that time
    • HPE has felt that there is a need for certifications for OpenStack 
    • We worked with EXIN at that time, supplying them with our course materials -- and EXIN then developed and rolled out the first certifications for OpenStack
    • HPE is pleased to see that OpenStack now has the more practical exam for System Admins, as well
  • As a next step in certification, the meetup group discussed Neutron as being an important certification -- and this is offered by EXIN

Please reply to this post with your own plans for certification, and any added comments or questions. Or, create your own discussion thread on a new topic.