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Which cloud certification is better?

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Which cloud certification is better?

So I have been looking out for some of the cloud certifications online. I zeroed in on following





So which ll be good one to pursue in perspective of the job opportunities and career progressions.

I have found one place to do that which is SpringPeople a training institute in Bengaluru. Have heard few good reviews of them. Also Simplilearn and Udemy.

Now 2 answers i need.

One - Which cloud computing to pursue

Two - Where to pursue



Re: Which cloud certification is better?

As a WW Portfolio Manager within HPE Education Services, we are constantly working a careful balance of the types of technical training needed for today's skills needed to work within the multitude of technologuies required for Hybrid IT, Cloud and the Digital Enterprise as a whole.

Regarding HPE training, you can reference the following links to check out HPE ED Training across some of the technology areas you mentioned previously:

HPE Cloud Training

You can recieve baseline cloud training here, and or can start your training journey to OpenStack trianing as well.

HPE MSFT Azure & Azure Stack Training

HPE Linux Training

If you are also seeking specific vendor OpenStack training, you can find Red Hat Linux and OpenStack Training here:

HPE SUSE Training

If you re seeking SUSE Linux and/or SUSE OpenStack Training, go here:

For AWS and Salesforce training, there are a couple of other alternatives as follows:

  • Cloud Academy
  • Simplilearn

Hope thi helps.....thanks!





Larry Hinman

Re: Which cloud certification is better?

It depends on what you want/need to do. AWS Certifications have a momentum and they are in high demand. Salesforce Certification is still mor targeted at the enterprise world (as a certification) and again, very valuable if you are interested in jobs with Salesforce skills requirements.