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Cloud OS, the next step in HP’s journey to Converged Cloud

on ‎06-12-2013 11:44 AM

HP_Converged_Cloud_RGB_blue_NT.pngIn March 2011, HP announced its cloud strategy, named converged cloud. Ever since we have been focused at delivering this strategy, announcing offerings along the way. HP Converged Cloud offerings provide enterprises with the essential foundation of technologies and services to confidently build, consume, and manage IT across private, managed and public clouds.  It is the industry’s first strategy and portfolio based on a single architecture that combines private, managed and public cloud, as well as traditional IT, to create an environment that can rapidly change based on organizational requirements.


The strategy is built around three design criteria:

  • Provide unparalleled choice in delivery models, hypervisors, operating systems , infrastructure and partners
  • Provide confidence in the solution by delivering functionality to manage and secure across delivery models, spanning information, applications and infrastructure, and by ensuring the scalability that enterprises need.
  • Provide consistency through the delivery of a common architecture across all delivery models to ensure workload portability and a single user experience.

The announcement we made this morning at HP Discover in Las Vegas is the next step along the road to this strategy and ensures the common architecture foundation across all our offerings. Indeed, Cloud OS is a foundational technology component, delivering an enterprise-grade OpenStack® with:

  • Optimized workload portability for hybrid cloud delivery
  • Enhanced service lifecycle management
  • Simplified installation and upgrades

HP Cloud OS provides the foundation for the converged cloud common architecture, enabling our customers to accelerate hybrid cloud delivery.


What is Cloud OS?

HP is one of the top contributors to OpenStack® and has gained a wide experience on deploying and managing an OpenStack based cloud environment with HPCloud, its public cloud environment. This has convinced us of the capacity for OpenStack to power enterprise grade clouds, in other words, clouds that address the security and availability requirements needed by enterprises.


Cloud OS includes following key components:

  • HP’s internal OpenStack® distribution
  • An HP Cloud OS installer
  • Automated patch and OpenStack release management
  • Standards based infrastructure and application modeling
  • Cloud platform monitoring

Why Cloud OS?

Enterprises are increasingly using cloud and their requirements grow and mature. Hybrid cloud delivery is a must.

Actually, from a study conducted on our behalf, it appears that 75% of business and IT executives plan to pursue a hybrid model. Enterprises typically start with a small scale, tactical deployment of cloud services for dev/test in a public cloud for example. As their cloud needs expand they are looking at moving production workloads to a private or managed cloud, creating a hybrid environment. As the business needs increase from an agility and responsiveness point of view, enterprises are looking at doing new things in the cloud. They focus on big data for example to gain increased understanding of their market and customer base. Should those workloads run from a private, managed or public cloud?

Needs and data sources will tell. So, enterprises are looking at easy portability of workloads across the different cloud models, and here is where Cloud OS adds value. HP Cloud OS provides optimized workload portability, enhanced service management and simplified installation and upgrade allowing enterprises to quickly set-up private clouds or migrate workloads to managed or public ones.


Cloud OS already being used

The Cloud OS technology is already embedded in HP CloudSystem, our private cloud offering. Indeed the support of KVM is actually provided through the use of a Cloud OS based environment, the bursting to HPCloud and to another CloudSystem is based on the Nova OpenStack APIs. So, as you can see, we have already started using Cloud OS to give our customers more choice and the capabilities they require in a hybrid cloud environment.


Obviously our public cloud offering (HPCloud) is running OpenStack® since its launch, and is extending its use of the technology.  


So, what is new?

First we point to the existence of HP Cloud OS, the basis of our effort to ensure consistency across private, managed and public cloud. It is core to our strategy moving forward. But we are announcing more:

  • We are extending HP Cloud OS capabilities to our new offerings, including our Moonshot next generation servers to simplify the provisioning and management of Moonshot servers for specific workloads. So, Cloud OS could also be used in cloud solutions associated with the Internet of Things or to manage large-scale websites.
  • To allow our customers to evaluate and educate themselves on an OpenStack-based architecture for their cloud needs, HP is offering a Cloud OS Sandbox. This provides great insight for customers and partners prior to deploying HP Converged Cloud solutions that leverage Cloud OS.

Also, to help customers get started quickly with an initial private cloud deployment, we are offering the CloudSystem Enterprise Starter Suite promotion, reducing upfront costs. This is particularly advantageous for customers looking beyond infrastructure cloud services. Indeed, beyond CloudSystem Matrix, addressing the infrastructure services, we now provide them with a simple package that lets them quickly take their first step towards delivering more advanced platform and application services. The starter suite brings together a cloud management platform, infrastructure and application lifecycle management and orchestration into one open, extensible and enterprise-grade management platform. The starter suite contains one HP CSA Foundation Server (50 OS instances) including 50 OS instances of

Server Automation Enterprise Plus, 50 OS instances of Operations Orchestration Enterprise and 5 licenses of Database & Middleware Automation (DNA) for database solution pack. It’s really geared to customers that have done their first steps in cloud and are now looking at extending the concept of self-provisioning to full application environments to unlock their potential as an enterprise-grade cloud service broker.


From a professional services point of view, we are launching a new converged cloud professional services suite consisting of seven streamlined offering designed to help our customers at each stage of their cloud journey, advising them on their strategy, help them transform their applications, design and implement their cloud, and helping them manage their environments and educate their staff.



This is only a part of this year’s HP Discover cloud announcement. It is an important part however, as it demonstrates we continue on our journey to converged cloud. The vision we established nearly two years ago is becoming reality. At the same time we want to make sure we do not leave any of our customers behind, by ensuring their existing investments can fully be utilized in a converged cloud environment. With HP you do not have to choose what cloud model to use, we give you choice. According to research we commissioned, by 2016 enterprise IT delivery will be 25% traditional IT, 39% private cloud, 21% managed cloud and 15% public cloud. Are you preparing yourself to respond to the needs of the business by implementing an environment allowing you to manage such hybrid environment? Here is where converged cloud and HP Cloud OS play a major role. 


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on ‎06-19-2013 01:20 PM

Looks like some exciting times at HP. OpenStack is pushing vendors to the next level. Glad to see HP jumping on the OpenStack bandwagon.

I just released a HP Cloud OS Primer on 1 Cloud Road.


Happy Reading.



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