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Going to the cloud, rely on HP Helion and avoid lock-in

on ‎05-08-2014 09:24 AM

HP_Helion_banner_tcm245_1642162_tcm245_1635860_tcm245-1642162.gifA couple weeks ago I wrote a blog entry about the need of doing your homework when embracing open source software as you have no vendor to turn to. One question that was raised was why this could not be done once and for all by a trusted organization. For some open source software this is done. It’s called a distribution. It’s no longer free of charge, but you get an enterprise ready environment and can go back to a company when you need help or have problems. We all know RedHat’s and Unbuntu’s Linux distributions to name a few.


Can you get the same in the cloud space? The answer is yes. There exist a number of OpenStack distributions today, and as OpenStack quickly becomes the leading open source cloud platform, it’s probably best to go with one of those.


Beyond a distribution, an integrated approach for hybrid cloud

Today most people will tell you in cloud one size does not fit all. In other words, the discussion is not whether to use a private or a public cloud. The environment enterprises use will comprise all variations of cloud. But the needs increasingly vary in time. So, having the opportunity to quickly migrate a workload from one environment to another is key for enterprise IT’s responsiveness. Where the use of open source distributions may avoid the company to be locked in, the availability of multiple cloud models sharing the same distribution responds to the hybrid needs. And that is where HP Helion actually comes in.


What is HP Helion?

HP Helion integrates HP’s cloud offerings to deliver a consistent environment covering private, managed and public cloud, through a focus on six axes:

  • Delivery of a consistent, enterprise ready OpenStack distribution that will power all HP’s offerings in the future and be available for companies to deploy in their environments
  • A cloud platform as a Service offering based on CloudFoundry, an open source development environment, providing customers with a development platform in which you can build your applications taking full advantage of the HP Helion distribution, speading up time to market.
  • Infrastructure products supported by the HP Helion distribution, including servers, storage, networking and converged systems
  • Software products providing a single access and management environment for a hybrid cloud deployment and security software to ensure key corporate assets are properly protected.
  • Public and Managed (Virtual Private or Private) cloud services that already run or will run the HP Helion distribution in the future, and SaaS services delivering functionalities in areas as diverse as ERP, messaging, collaboration and big data.
  • Professional services to advise you on how to move to cloud, help you transform your applications & infrastructure, take care of your security, integration and management requirements, and education services upgrading the skills of your teams.

Allowing IT to focus on the business

HP Helion provides a portfolio of stable, enterprise ready offerings allowing your company to build a hybrid environment through which you can address their current and future needs. Whether you decide to manage the environment yourself, building a private cloud, consume services (private, managed or public cloud) or combine both, over the forcible future, you will still have to integrate with your legacy environment. Using HP Helion you get two key benefits:

  • You are no longer forced to focus on managing the infrastructure for the cloud based environment, as you can source that from HP and/or its partners, allowing you to spend more time and effort in transforming the legacy and work with the business to address their evolving needs
  • You can do that without being forced to use an environment locking them in. Most customers we talk to want to make sure they keep their options open.

Over time, provisioning of infrastructure will no longer be a major focus of enterprise IT. They will provision those services from external companies and focus their effort and time understanding what the business requires and addressing those needs. As IT creeps into every aspect of business the demand will become increasingly diverse. Making the link between the business demand and available technologies is greatly needed in enterprises. That is the role of IT in the future, being the enabler of the use of information technology in companies so they can improve their business operations and go after new opportunities and geographies.


What is new with HP Helion

Fundamentally HP Helion combines four things:

  • We will integrate HP’s various existing Cloud offerings in one common framework ensuring the offerings are fully integrated and complement each other. HP also commits it will integrate our OpenStack technology with HP’s market leading networking, storage and server products, ensuring that all HP enterprise products are able to quickly leverage OpenStack capabilities. Although this will take some time, it guarantees our customers integrated tools, environments and services.
  • We plan to provide OpenStack cloud services in more than 20 of HP and partner data centers over the next 18 months.
  • We announce two new key components to our offering, first an OpenStack distribution for which the community edition is available today for free download, and second a CloudFoundry distribution that will become available later in the year.
  • It demonstrates HP’s commitment to cloud by announcing an investment of 1B$ over the next two years. That investment will focus on cloud-related products and services, engineering initiatives, and HP Helion’s global reach.

HP also wants to give enterprises and governments the confidence to invest in open source solutions by providing an indemnification program securing customers using HP Helion OpenStack code from intellectual property infringement claims. Having HP deliver an OpenStack distribution with this protection adds further credibility to the OpenStack technology and community and adds greater value to our customer’s use of OpenStack.


What’s the benefit for HP’s customers

You probably ask yourself what is different with HP Helion? Well, let me give you some clues:

  • With Helion, HP helps you obtain real value from hybrid IT, delivering products based on open source, integrated with consistent management, industry leading security software, and professional services that help on each step of a customer’s cloud journey. In doing so, HP gives you the benefit of using a strong cloud offering without being locked in by one vendor.
  • HP unifies an increasingly complex world of hybrid IT, delivering products and services that work together with common management and a simplified user experience, giving you the opportunity to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies without needing a large staff of people to set-up, manage and evolve the environment
  • HP enables you to match applications and workloads with the right delivery model, whether that is public cloud, private cloud, traditional IT or a hybrid mix. This allows you to optimize the use of multiple cloud environments so you can address your needs at the lowest cost.
  • As a market leader in OpenStack, hardware, software and professional services, HP provides all the building blocks across today’s hybrid IT environment to help customers bridge to the new style of IT. You benefit of HP’s and HP’s customers’ experience in moving to cloud

Starting from the fact that one cloud does not fits all, and building on the need to deliver an environment addressing the ever changing needs of business users in an increasingly digital world, HP Helion gives you an environment on which you can build the functionality your business teams require without having to take worry about being locked-in with one vendor. That’s what Helion brings you. When you build your cloud environment, think Helion to get you there.


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on ‎05-19-2014 05:58 AM

I was wondering about HP Helion and what possible advantages come with it, thanks for clearing it up, big help! 

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