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HP Helion Network, creating a Cloud of Clouds

on ‎07-07-2014 11:54 PM


At HP Discover, Bill Veghte announced the HP Helion Network. Intrigued, I wanted to know more. So I took the opportunity to sit down with Colin I’Anson, one of the people involved in the development of HP Helion, and asked him a series of questions. Here's what he had to say.


Colin, a couple weeks ago, at HP Discover, we announced the HP Helion Network. Could you tell me what this actually consists of?

The HP Helion Network builds upon the HP Helion portfolio of products and services we announced in May.

The HP Helion Network is a global, open ecosystem of Cloud providers who deploy HP Helion OpenStack, making it easier for organizations to build, manage and consume workloads in a hybrid IT environment. With the HP Helion Network, an enterprise customer can choose to host applications in their private Cloud or find a public Cloud partner (or partners) in the HP Helion Network — knowing that their application will run in the same OpenStack environment. Enterprise customers will get the benefits of an open-source-based Cloud, and choices of geographic location, quality of service and trust ,as it is delivered through HP and our service provider partners. The enterprise customer is not tied to a proprietary Cloud solution.


The HP Helion Network is about removing barriers and accelerating the adoption of Cloud computing, including public, private and managed Clouds, using Open Source to the benefit of all. From Day 1, the HP Helion Network is about using HP Helion OpenStack, and getting benefits from hosting of other Cloud providers who use Helion OpenStack.


Now, who would be participating in such network, and why?

Our intention is to create an “Open Network,” that will be attractive to enterprise customers and Cloud Service Providers. HP Helion Network will proactively support ISVs/developers, system integrators and our channel partners. Each participant has a role we will develop with a focus on achieving revenue growth and reduce costs for all participants in the ecosystem.


You’re highlighting the role of Service Providers, why would they want to participate and what would be in it for them?

Service Providers will get new revenue for HP Helion Network. For example, they gain the ability to offer services in other geographies they currently do not serve, and they can get business from other members of the HP Helion Network supporting our and their enterprise customers. Above all, we are creating a critical mass of Service Providers (with AT&T, BT, Vodafone, Hong Kong Telecom and Synapsis, and more to come) who will work with HP to evolve the network.


What do the Service Providers add to the party?

Service Providers bring reach, breadth and depth, which HP alone can't provide for our enterprise customers.  The HP Helion Network is a member-governed network with a unique operating model, leveraging Service Provider partners to provide global reach and a broad portfolio of services. By creating a collaborative ecosystem we can bring to market a rich alternative to the vanilla services of the first wave of Cloud providers.


OK, Colin, that’s all good stuff, but how does the HP Helion Network fits into HP’s overall Cloud strategy and how do you see it evolving?

The HP Helion Network is a core element of the HP strategy, which enables enterprises to build and consume Cloud services. The HP Helion Network will harness the strengths of Service Providers and ecosystems partners to provide a wide range of “consumable,” off-premise Cloud services; giving customers additional options for implementing multi-Cloud hybrid environments. When combined with our market-leading private Cloud offering, HP CloudSystem, and HP’s software products and professional services, the HP Helion Network enables enterprise-class hybrid environments.


The HP Helion Network is based on HP Helion OpenStack, which is available today as a community edition. There is also a preview of the commercial edition. The commercial edition addresses the needs of global enterprises and Service Providers. It provides a scale-out, hardened and curated, commercial-grade deployment of OpenStack technology with enhancements to simplify installation, provide resiliency and improve manageability.


The HP Helion Network has strong synergy with the HP Helion Development Platform. Today this is a preview of the community edition of an integrated Cloud application platform based on CloudFoundry™, fully integrated and tested with HP Helion OpenStack. It is designed to enable enterprise developers to rapidly develop, deploy and scale native Cloud applications with world-class developer tools and an open, interoperable platform.


What would be the benefit for the end customer, why would they want to take advantage of the HP Helion Network?

The end customer will see a choice of Cloud services provision. They can choose the Cloud provider who best serves their requirements — based on location, price, legal requirements and other parameters. An enterprise customer has access to an open, secure, agile hybrid environment that enables workload portability between on-premise and off-premise environments. They will get access to a broad range of horizontal and vertical applications, avoiding vendor lock-in by using open-standards-based Cloud services.


What would be the benefit for other participants?

The HP Helion Network is about creating a healthy ecosystem with everyone part of the value creation where everyone benefits. Therefore HP channel partners and developers can drive new revenue streams opening and accessing new markets. For example, an ISV can find trusted local Cloud providers that allow them to sell in new geographies.


Colin, when will HP Helion Network be available?

We will pilot the HP Helion Network with select Service Provider partners and a limited set of enterprise customers prior to making it available to a broader set of partners, including additional Service Providers, VARs, distributors, systems integrators and other members. These pilots will begin in Q4 2014. The HP Helion Network will be generally available to Service Provider partners and enterprise customers by early 2015.


Thank you Colin, this was extremely interesting. Will you allow me to come back to you as the HP Helion Network evolves? I want to keep an eye on this, and am sure others will be interested. If people are interested in joining today, who should they contact?

We should talk again as the roll-out evolves. HP enterprise customers and Service Providers should talk to their HP account managers.


Thanks again, and talk to you soon!


HP Helion Network will really help companies that use HP Helion OpenStack within their environment to quickly and easily find additional services and capacity to address their needs for agility and responsiveness; being able to go after new businesses, addressing momentary requirements, and easily consume external services such as SaaS components. It’s the first step in the journey of a distributed OpenStack-based Cloud. I’ll keep you posted on the next steps as they occur.

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