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Absolute ignorance

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Absolute ignorance


Hope this forum is the most appropriate . . .

I'm an absolute networking newbie trying to set up a peer-to-peer home network between two non Compaq pcs.

I've had sold to me two Netelligent PCI 10BS-T2 cards, some coax cable and connectors/terminators. I bought coax so I could add a third PC later with no hub.

I was told the cards were standard NICs which would work under Win 95 using Microsoft's own included network protocol -- in other words I didn't need any other software.

I was also told they would be hell to set up!!

Problem is -- I can't even get Windows to recognise the card (although the Compaq DOS diagnosis program says it is okay and it shows in the device list before the Windows logo comes on boot up). The installation guide says to use the New Hardware wizard and choose the Have Disk option for a driver. Then to install a driver from the client program's floppy.

Trouble is I don't have a client program, as I want instead to use Windows. And the computer tells me that neither of the supplied Compaq disks has any information about my hardware.

Have I been had, or is there a suitable driver I can use? I've set up simple two-computer networks twice before so I think that once the card's loaded I should be okay, but I can't even reach first base.

Another query. Will I be able to use the cards under Win 98, me, or 2000 if I upgrade?

Thanks greatly for any help.
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Re: Absolute ignorance

Please provide the Compaq 9 digit part number that is on each network card you are trying to install. Then we can determine the exact models you have and the required drives.

After the network card is added to the OS, you must use the network icon in control panel and add the Microsoft Client for Microsoft networks and the Netbuei protocols from the Windows OS CD. Remove the other protocols that are not required for a Windows peer-to-peer network. Also add file and print sharing for your peer-to-peer network. Under the file and print sharing properites you must set one of the systems on the network to be the "Master Browser". This should be the system that is used and powered up the most on the network. You must reboot the system for the new network configuration to take effect.

Now go back to the network properties for the network controllers in each system and hard set the NIC to use the BNC coax connection and the duplex mode. All the network controllers must be set the same for the cards to communicate with each other. Reboot the systems for the setting to take effect. Now let all the systems on the network run for about an hour. The "Master Browser" system will poll each system that is on the network and build a list of available and shared resources for each system on the network. This list of shared devices is sent out over the network to all the other systems. Then all the systems on the peer-to-peer network will be seen in network neighborhood. This process can take up to 45 minutes on a newly configured network. Give it time to do its thing.