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HP Thin Client T5520 DHCP Relay

Marc Knecht
Occasional Contributor

HP Thin Client T5520 DHCP Relay

Hi There

Since a few Years we use HP ThinClient T5520. Last Weak we get some new Devices. With this new Devices we have troubles to get IP Adresses in DHCP Relay Subnet. Some older T5520 have no Problem. The last Firmware is on the Device.

Are there any suggestions?

Jason Luckett
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP Thin Client T5520 DHCP Relay

Hi Marc,

Is your network subnetted using VLANS or is it IP Subnetting which is using routing to communicate.

you can use the "ip helper-address w.x.y.z" in the VLAN interface or if routing on the internal interface so that the router can forward the BootP packets as unicast direct to the DHCP server.

More information with regards to the topology and config would help.


Marc Knecht
Occasional Contributor

Re: HP Thin Client T5520 DHCP Relay

Hi Jase

This is a very simple static routed subnet. the network devices are special. they called HDSL Modems. we make a 2mb connection over copper. on the remote modem we define the dhcp relay server. we have no problem with computers and hp jet direct card. also other hp terminals makes no problem. Only this last delivery will not work. long time ago we have alredy had this problem with our first hp thin clients, then a firmware update resolves the problem. at this time there is the newest firmware at the thin clients.

kind regards