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Re: Linksys WPC54G Notebook Adapter

Jim Condello
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Linksys WPC54G Notebook Adapter

I purchased the Linksys WPC54G notebook adapter card and WAP54G Wireless Access Point for my Evo N1000c. The notebook adapter (wpc54g) is causing my notebook to continually reboot itself. The notebook works fine without the card. I am running w2k pro. Linksys customer support is no help. What can I do?
Dennis Poehls
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Re: Linksys WPC54G Notebook Adapter

I do not know anything about the EVO N1000C, but if it is similar to the HP ze4100 series laptops, there is a serious flaw in the BIOS that makes it almost impossible to get 802.11g adapters to work. This is certainly true of cards like Linksys using the Broadcom chip. I ended up having to send my notebook in to HP and after 3 weeks, they updated the BIOS and sent it back with the Linksys card working (well, sort still has big swings in connection rate). So, look for the latest BIOS for your machine and try it. If that does not work, contact Compaq/HP to have THEM troubleshoot the problem.
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Re: Linksys WPC54G Notebook Adapter

i've also problems with my ze4415ea + WPC54G ...

found @

HP and Compaq have teamed with wireless leader Linksys to
ensure that all their products work together. And every new
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