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Wireless AP's high packet loss

Tony Barrett_2
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Wireless AP's high packet loss

We have around 15 HP 420AP's (all running the latest v2.2.5 f/w) running over PoE from HP 2608 switches which are stacked with other 2600/2800/5300 series switches. All AP's are currently running in autonomous mode.

What we're noticing from our management system is that we regularly get high packet loss from the AP's causing the management station to believe the AP's have gone down. The AP's are spread across the site, connected to different 2608 switches, but all will exhibit this problem many times during the day, and round the clock in very quiet times (inc weekends) as well.

There is no problem with power being delivered to the AP's, and once connected, web management seems to work fine. Wireless clients do occasionally report connection problems, but that could just be the nature of wireless. Management of the 2608's is consistent over the wired port, and they never show any problems, it's just the AP's.

I've tried tweaking the polling timeouts on the management console, but we're still flooded with probably hundreds of false alerts every day, and at varying times the AP's will actually show down until they resume normal operation. All the 420's seem to have this problem, but maybe some more than others.

We use SolarWinds Orion to manage the network, but our old HP NNM install also reported problems. Strangely, HP PNM does also report problems, but it seems like not as often.

All the management stations are on a dedicated Gb tagged network, loading is light, and there are no other devices showing this type of problem.

I know the 420's are getting on a bit now, but this is a really strange problem I need to get to the bottom of.