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networking OfficeJet G85

Dexter Simanton
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networking OfficeJet G85

I have an OfficeJet G85 attached to my home PC. All functions work correctly from the PC. I also have a Pavilion N5190 networked to the PC. Both computers us Windows ME. I can print to the G85 through the PC from the Pavilion. However, the pavilion does not see the printer so the tray icon shows a printer error and the fax and scan functions are not available from the Pavilion.
Lance Brown
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Re: networking OfficeJet G85

Do you have the software installed on both machines? If so what version? If it is lower then 2.43, you should update it. 2.43 and later supported supported Me, but scanning was not available. It can be downloaded here:

There are other software updates that might pertain to you as well.

You could also use a JetDirect to connect the printer to the network and bypass the use of the other machine. The JetDirect 300X is compatible with the G series, as long it has the 8.20 firmware. As is the 170X Office Connect, 175X, 70X are all compatible. The 500X is as well if the firmware is at H.08.05 or later.