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sonya conlin
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Hi I have an Evo N610C and I have a belkin card bus for the laptop a Belkin pci in my desktop and a Belking router. I have got the wireless internet setup ok. But I cannot get the two to speak to each other so that I can use the files and printer that are on my desktop. I have XP Pro. Has anyone any ideas.I did phone Belkin and they said that as long as I can get a wireless connection to the internet that's all they obliged to do. I even change the card on the laptop I did have a Compaq multiport one but that didnt help
Steven Clementi
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Re: wireless


A couple things to check...

1. In your network Interface Properties, make sure you have "File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks" installed and enabled.

2. Since this is XP Pro (SP1? or SP2?), make sure the built in firewall is allowing file and printer sharing to pass through, if the firewall is even enabled. Maybe you can just disable it temporarily if it is enabled.

Steven Clementi
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Jeff Brown_15
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Re: wireless

When you say "speak to each other" what do you mean?

Do you have shares setup on the computers you are trying to access? It might help you if you put the two machines in the same workgroup and create identical accounts with the same passwords on both computers.