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FAQ - Kudos

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FAQ - Kudos

What are Kudos?

Kudos offer a content rating system that lets you vote for the messages you think are the most useful or important.

When you give kudos to a message, you are giving a thumbs-up for good content and a pat on the back to its author. Your kudos help to boost the value of certain messages and enhance the reputation of their authors.

Giving kudos is as easy as a single click, but the impact of kudos ripples across the community.

How do I give Kudos?

You can give Kudos to any posts in the community except your own.


  • To give kudos to a message and its author, click Kudos on the message
  • If you change your mind about the quality of the message, you can revoke your kudos
  • To revoke kudos you've given, click Options > Revoke My Kudos from this Message

How can I see who's given me Kudos?

Want to know who thinks a message is good? It's easy to find out which regular community members and community experts have given kudos to a message. Kudos from community experts carry more weight than those from brand new members.

To see who's given you kudos:

  • Go to the message page
  • Click the Kudos total.
  • The "Who Kudoed this Message" page shows you all the community members who've given kudos to the message
  • Click Experts to see kudos given by high-ranking members of the community.
  • Experts are usually moderators and other users who had a kudos weight of more than 1 when they gave the message kudos.
  • Click the user name or kudos link to sort this page by the name of the user who gave kudos or by the kudos count.

How can I see which messages or authors have received the most Kudos?

There are two Kudos leaderboards on the community home page.

  • The "Top Authors" leaderboard shows who has received the most kudos
  • The "Most Popular" leaderboard showcases the most kudoed messages

Links from the front-page leaderboards take you to the full leaderboard pages.

  • To view the Top Kudoed Authors leaderboard, click view all from the "Top Authors" module
  • To view the full Top Kudoed Messages leaderboard, click view all from the "Most Popular" module

How can I see who has given me kudos?

To see who's given you kudos:

  • Sign in to your Community account
  • Go to your profile page by clicking your screen name

Your Profile pages shows the names of community members who have given you kudos, the messages they kudoed, your top kudoed messages, and the kudos you've given.

  • To see all of your recent kudos activity in an area, click view all
  • Click the tabs to see more info about your kudos activity

What is Kudos weight?

Your kudos weight is the number of kudos you give each time you click Kudos.

If you're new to the community, you're kudos weight is probably 1 (each Kudo counts as 1). More experienced community members might have a higher kudos weight, so they could give two kudos, ten kudos, or more each time they click.

Why can't I give Kudos to some messages?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to give Kudos to a post.

  • You've already given Kudos to this message (you can only give them once)
  • You wrote the message (you can't Kudo your own messages)
  • Your community manager wants you to give Kudos only to a message that starts a thread and not to replies
  • Your community manager has turned Kudos off for a message or a forum
  • Your community manager has frozen Kudos for this message. You can still see how many Kudos the message has received, but you can't Kudo it any more.

Where did the Kudos number go?

Sometimes a message gets so many kudos that we run out of space to show the number. When that happens you'll see a Hot Kudos symbol or icon instead of the kudos count on the kudos badge.