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2426 pwr: ports go inactive

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2426 pwr: ports go inactive

Ports 3,6,9,20,23,24 show 'inactive' in the switch summary.

The same ports plus 11,12,21 show the 'state' as 'discarding' instead of 'forwarding' under spanning tree. There is no setting for the spanning tree state (in the GUI).

Some of the ports have computers connected that worked until yesterday, others are not used. I have disabled and enabled the port state but no go.

I don't have much time on switches in general and 3COM in particular but I know that if I bounce the switch it will be fine. Any way to fix without inconveniencing users?

Thanks for any help.


Software ver.

BootROM ver.

Hardware ver. R01

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Re: 2426 pwr: ports go inactive


The discarding status means that the port has no one device attached or a port blocked by the STP.

Try to set up the ports where the workstations are connected as edged ports. Regarding the inactive status you mentioned, actually I didn't remember what could it be.