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2910 Stack & clear button HELP please.

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2910 Stack & clear button HELP please.



I'm on a site comprising of


1 x 2910 (commander)

4 x 2620


Recently we went to the commander (2910)and tried to open cli / web and were asked for a username as password. As far as we were aware there was no password ever configured. Going onto the other switches in the stack you're not asked for a username or password (I know you're supposed to make config changes via the commander btw).


As we needed to get onto the commander we held the 'clear' button down for several seconds but this did not clear the usernames / passwords configured as we were expecting. You still get prompted for a username and password.


My question is this, how do we reset the password without losing the configuration, there are multiple VLANS and networks configured on the commander switch which have not been documented and we can't risk ddoing a factory reset. Is there a different protocol for resetting the password on a switch stack?


Many thanks,