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2910al and Interconnect Kits

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2910al and Interconnect Kits



We are about to get a few 2910al switches and i was wondering what the: J9165A HP ProCurve 10-GbE al Interconnect Kits are for...?


Does it only provide 10Gb backbone connectivity between the swtiches?


My plan is to get 2x 24 ports and 10x 48 ports, the 48 ports will be each have 2 links to a different 24 port switch, while those will connect to each other for redundancy.


How do the interconnects come into play with the scenario above?


Something like:




Richard Litchfield
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Re: 2910al and Interconnect Kits

The 2910 interconnect provides a low-cost way of linking 2 x 2910 at 10Gb with a short CX4 cable.


In the diag you showed, you will have loops which will be blocked by spanning tree, thereby reducing (typically by half) your available bandwidth.


A better solution may be:

  1. replace the 2 core 2910 switches with a single 5406 (the 96 port bundle). Having a single switch with multiple modules provides some availability, but none of the bandwidth reduction arising from spanning tree.
  2. same as 1, but with 8206. the 8200 switches have dual fabric and optional second management module to provide much higher availability.
  3. a pair of 3800 switches with the 40Gb stacking modules. These will link to form a single entity that allows MLAGs (ie LACP to both switches). Again, no spanning tree reducing bandwidth.


There are pros and cons to each; check with your local HP Networking contact or reseller for a more detailed discussion.